Monday, July 2, 2012

OH YEAH, 2012: Life-Changing Decisions and First Cosplay Shoot for the Year

Sounds like a beginning-of-the-year blog post kind of thing, right? If you happen to read this, congratulations! This is my first entry for Teknikolor HOP. Having and maintaining a blog has become a frustration for me. And so like any other online commitments I make, I swear that I shall care for this blog with my entire being.

Well anyway, you can read more about Teknikolor HOP such as what this is for, the kind of stuff that you'll be seeing, if this has anything to do with aliens (sadly, it doesn't), and other things like those in the About section. It can be found at the left of this post.

And so, off to an incoming wall of text!

Most of my friends know that I have left the country last August 2011. My family migrated to Canada (particularly Toronto) and began settling down. But because of personal reasons and realizations, I have asked my parents to let me go back to the Philippines. Of course, they didn't agree. But until January, I prepared myself again for the scorching heat of Manila.

I had mixed feelings for the entire experience. But one thing's for sure, my family loves me to the core. Now I'm feeling really bad. :'(

The flight back was a new experience for me since I traveled alone. From Toronto, I had a stopover at Taiwan and got to roam around the airport. I had to kill three hours or so. What else can I do?

Le airplane food that I actually enjoyed. Except for the dessert.

A display from an exhibit featuring orchids.

And a painting exhibit! NAIA should have these, y'know.

A really cute Hello Kitty payphone.

The gate for my flight was a Hello Kitty themed one so there were these designs everywhere.

And beside it was a Hello Kitty store. Not really fond of Hello Kitty so I didn't spazz that much. But it's cute.
And I arrived here in Manila, rested for a while and found a new job. I am now living again with my grandmother, and a couple of relatives. So far, life's okay.

After a few days, my friend Jess invited me to a cosplay photoshoot. Yey! And it was in a studio! Not yey!

Well, at first I felt that way since I'm not used to studio setups and I'm not really good with flashes and strobes so I was really really scared that I would mess up and not take good shots. D:

So when I met with them again since last year, I understood why it HAS to be in a studio. Hihi.

Jess as Black Bunny and Yuu as White Bunny
And it was amaaaaazing! OwO Their costumes, portrayal, everything! Gaaaaahhhh it was just unfortunate that we had a very limited time. But still, it was OSM. And so, here are a couple of shots from my set. :D

The full album can be viewed here. :)

So far in terms of cosplay photography, I have pending sets yet to be uploaded and yey! Pending shoots! I will blog about the photoshoots I've been to in blog entries to follow. :D


  1. I didn't know you're not used to studio shoots. Hehe. So how was it for you? :D

    1. I rarely had the chance to shoot in a studio and I'm not really good with flash photoraphy. D: But I was actually surprised with my shots. Haha. I think it's because of your cape flipping. :D

  2. RAISA!!!! I remember blogging about your departure ;A; hopefully your decision to return will become fruitful *HUG*

    1. Oh I think I've read about that. D: Thanks, Sese. So far, everything's okay. And I'm having a lot of fun with you guys. :D